Syringe filling machine
Automatic injection vial pharmaceutical Liquid Plastic glass Syringe Filling plugging Machine

Put the syringe honeycomb on the special fetal membrane manually, and hang the syringe on the  bottle comb plate together with the fetal membrane at one time, and then automatically enter the  filling dial row by row from the slide. The dial rotates intermittently and feeds at a time. Insert a syringe into the dial wheel and turn it to the corresponding work station.

Syringe filling: the syringe is brought to the filling station by the dial, a single filling needle is inserted into the syringe and rises while filling, and the syringe is sealed at the same time for vacuum during filling. The filling pump uses a special gel ceramic pump Filling.

Vacuum stoppering of the syringe: the filled syringe is rotated by the dial to the stoppering station. The rubber stopper is arranged by the oscillator and sent to the top of the syringe through the stopper track. A stopper rod first takes the rubber stopper on the stopper rod On the upper side, the stopper rod is integrated with a vacuum body, and at the same time, the syringe is pressed down to seal and vacuum, and then the stopper rod is added to the liquid level of the syringe.

The finished product comes out: the finished syringe after filling and stoppering can be collected manually after being suspended and slipped out by a chute.







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Filling Volume

1 20ml



Filling Head


Capping head 



± 1%-1.5% Gel rotary valve plunger pump (the greater

the viscosity, the greater

the error)

Vacuum pumping rate

80m ³ /hour, close to

Machine size

1250x950x1800 mm