Factory FAQ

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A:Yes, We are factory, all machine is made by ourself and we can provide customize service according to your requirement.

Q: How can I ensure that I get high-quality machine?
A:As a manufacturer, we have a strict supervision and control of every manufacturing step from raw materials purchasing, brands choosing to parts processing, assembling and testing.

Q: How can I install my machine when it arrives?
A: We not only send a technician to install it, but we also send your contactor to help you install and train it. 

Q: What about your warranty? 
A: Our warranty is 1 year, all machine parts can be replaced free of charge within 1 year if they are broken (not including those made by man). 

Q: What is the material of your machine? 
A: Our machine is using SUS 316L for touch products and the rest of the machine's appearance is SUS304. 

Q: What do you do with the different voltage between you and our country? 
A: We will make the machine as the voltage of your site, and transfer our 380V to your voltage to test your finished machine.

The questions about swiss gun heating sealing method tube filling and sealing machine

Q: What difference between swiss gun heating sealing tube filling and sealing machine and inside and outside heating sealing method?
A.The swiss gun heating tempareture can reach 600℃.so when sealing the the buttom of the tube , so speed is very fast, and sealing side is very smooth.
B.The inside and outside sealing method is use heating pipe to sealing, the temperature just can reach 300 ℃,so the heating effect not very well.

Q: Why our machine use Mechanical transmission, but there are have many Pneumatic drive machine in the market.
A. Our tube filling and sealing machine all use Mechanical transmission, Mechanical transmission can ensure the machine work more stable and won't shock when filling and sealing machine.
B. In the market , most tube filling and sealing machine is Pneumatic drive, this type machine is very unstable when it work, and those Pneumatic Components is easy broken, use life is very short, machine easy shock when work.

Q: Why our machine use import cam and Splitter?
Because the cam and Splitter is the most important of the machine.
How to keep the tube very time position is right, it is basised on the cam and splitter control.
Only keep this two parts is very Precision, then can promise the tube and chuck every time move is very Precision.
We  can promise our machine chuck turm Precision can cobtrol keep in 0.3%.

Q: This piston filling machine can used to filling what material?
This machine widely used suitable to filling high viscosity material.
Can applicate in Food , cosmetic , Pharmaceutical industry。Like detergent filling machine
Shampoo filling machine, oil filling machine
This machine is suitable for filling a liquid and cream products, especially for high viscosity materials, 
the effect is  obvious.

Q: Why use piston pump and servo motor conctrol filling heads?
Re: Because for high viscosity material, it  is hard to control the filling accuracy.
So especially use piston pump control filling ,
Ensure filling accuracy can reach 99% and machine running more stable,.