Bottle Jar filling machine
Automatic Edible oil filling machine (High viscosity material and foamy liquid, such as: Oil, Sauce, Ketchup, Syrup, Honey etc.)
This ZF16 Automatic Bottle Filling Machine adopts serve ball-screw system to drive the piston cylinder. It's widely used in Food, Chemical, Medical, Cosmetics, Agrochemical industry, applicable for filling liquid, especially for high viscosity material and foamy liquid, such as: Oil, Sauce, Ketchup, Syrup, Detergent, Honey, Shampoo, Lotion, Lubricant oil, etc.

The machine adopts PLC control, according to the filling bottle, fixed discharging mouth, the rest all operation can be finished on a touch screen. In addition to have common automatic servo piston filling machine advantages, also the widened the range of filling material. Such as filling material contains particles, long strips of solid content, also can be a very effective filling.

The installation can be provided by the we Company. It must be after shipment and machine has arrived and factory must be ready equipped with all necessary requirements before booking installation with we Company. Our engineers will come to the site for the complete and final installation. During the installation session, a one day training course will be provided to the customer to the customer for operation and maintenance procedure.

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Filling head

16 heads

Filling type


Filling capacity

100ml- 5000 ml

Production speed

It can achieve 3200 bottles per hour

Power   ?supply

220V/380V ? Single-phase



Suitable bottle size


The measurement error


Working pressure



2440mm × 1240mm × 2350mm

Gas consumption


Machine weight

700 kg

Touch screen

Canada X inje color screen

PLC programmable

Schneider France

Solenoid valve

Taiwan Yadeke

Photoelectric system

Japan stately

Differential switch



Taiwan Yadeke

Button and other low-voltage
electrical appliances

France Schneider


Taiwan VGM


R eal-time fault alarm ?and emergency stop automatically


Use 316 stainless steel ?i n contact with the material ,
the other main parts are made of 304 stainless steel

Sealing ring

U se of carbon PTFE fiber materials,
anti- corrosion,wear ? resistance, good sealing