PP PE bottle filling machine
Automatic Car Motor Lube Oil Filling Machine

This machine is suitable for filling a liquid and cream products, especially for high viscosity materials,lube oil, car oil, motor oil, butterhoney,tomato sauce. the effect is obvious.

1. Adopt PLC programmable control system with touch screen interface.

2. Automatic bottle feeding, automatic filling, automatic bottle.

3. Adopt servo motor drive, double screw-rod drive, Control the movement of the piston rod to ensure the stability of the filling.

4. Adopt double-ball screw rod filling the filling nozzle dive

5. It can be used with capping machine, labeling machine supporting the formation of the production line

6. It combines optical, mechanical, electrical, gas in one. It is easy to operate a filling machine.

7. Having a stable and reliable operation, high production efficiency, strong adaptability.

Anti drip filling system MIC-ZF8 automatic soybean oil packing machine
This Anti drip filling system MIC-ZF8 automatic soybean oil packing machine adopts serve ball-screw system to drive the piston cylinder. It's widely used in Food, Chemical, Medical, Cosmetics, Agrochemical industry, applicable for filling liquid, especially for high viscosity material and foamy liquid, such as: Oil, Sauce, Ketchup, Honey, Shampoo, Lotion Lubricant oil, etc. And it is suitable for barrels, jars and bottles of  different sizes, shapes and volumes.
Features & Benefits:
1. Available with standard conveyor or with pucks for unstable bottles
2. Flexible design
3. Very fast and easy changeover of format size
4. Docking filling station model available
5. Diving nozzle with bottom-up filling

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