Liquid bottle filling machine (Selected)
Liquid bottle filling machine (Selected)

Powerrig BW Filling Bottle Machine Company manufactures for standard liquid filling machines and customized filling machine, BW Liquid Bottle Filling Machine suit a wide variety of liquids, bottle sizes and production outputs.

For businesses ranging from Home Work Shop Big industry your machines can be used for a wide spectrum of applications.


Our liquid filling machines arrange from Semi-automatic filling machine through to fully automated multi-head filling systems, the machine adopts vacuum level filling or volumetric piston filling system, peristaltic pump filling, and rotor gear pump filling.


If you cannot find a suitable machine in our range, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements – our engineering team is on line to discuss with you about your product specialty, and advise you suitable filling machine.


With over 20 years in machine business and a worldwide client base, we have sold machines to over 94 countries and w e make sure all our machines are running well in clients’ site, clients are like friends with us, machine is well received in world wise, if you need machine recommendation about our liquid bottle filling machine, we will do best to arrange the recommendation as you want.

Semi-automatic liquid bottle filling machine                                 Fully automatic multi-head liquid bottle filling machine

Bottle Liquid Filling Machine

  • Weight



    2300 * 1300 * 220 0mm


    220V/ 380V


    1.5 Kw

    Filling Volume


    Filling Nozzle

    4/6/8/12/20 nozzles

    Suitable Filling Material

    Mouth wash, glassy water,

     liquid products


    3000 bottles per hour 12 nozzle with 500ml

    Air Consumption

    0.6m ³ /min

    Additional Function

    Bubble suck function

    Diving filling function

If your products have viscosity like oil, cream, paste gel kind, we will advise you to use the piston filling machine powered by servo motor, volume automatic calculate, machine can adopt various bottle shapes volume, easy clean, electrical box is at side of machine, no worries for safety problem. 

Key Benefits:

Drip-Free Filling、 No Bottle No Fill  Filling Error Less Than 1%  Servo Motor Filling, Volume Adjust  on Touch Screen  Low Maintenance,Grease Gear, Lube Transmission Parts10ml-100ml, 100ml-1000ml, 1000ml-5000ml Etc As You want .

Vial Liquid Filling Machine

  • Filling volume


    Loading error

    ≤ ±1%

    Rotation (rolling) Cover pass rate


    Production capacity


    Power supply



    2.0 kw


    600 kg



This machine can fill different material such as liquid, foam liquid, cream, gel, syrup Etc. with different filling system, as piston filling, Peristaltic pump filling and vacuum filling.

Machine apply to different bottle and caps, according the shapes to make different loading and capping system.

Key Benefits:    

No Bottle No Fill Filling Error at +/- 0.5% Suits liquid and foam liquid 1ml-100ml can customize as client Servo Motor Filling, Volume Adjust on Touch Screen Low Maintenance, Grease Gear, Lube Transmission Parts.

Jar Liquid Filling Machine 

  • Suitable Filling Volume


    Production Speed

    30-40 Bottles/min

    Filling Accuracy



    220V/50Hz Single Phase

    Spain Rolling Cover Rate


    Automatic Loading Brush Rate


    Air Source

    2 m³/h 0.4-0.8Mpa



    Machine Weight




This filling capping machine is suitable for:
Cosmetics, light industry (daily chemical industry), pharmaceutical, food and other industries, for enterprise products selected plastic bottles, glass bottles for packaging containers, the device can cream, ointment, cream, gel, liquid and viscous fluid.
The equipment is divided into a turntable into the bottle, automatic lift filling, automatic pre-spin cover, servo capping, a few bottles, such as the operation of the bottle into the bottle, filling the bottle, filling the bottle, and then the bottle capping operation.

Key Benefits:

No Bottle No Fill、Filling Error at +/-1%、Suits liquid foam liquid and cream、10 ml-250ml can customize as client、Lo w Maintenance, Grease Gear, Lube Transmission Parts

Sachet Liquid Filling Machine 

  • Capcity

    40-60 bags/min

    Range of measurement


    Accuracy percent +/-2%
    Bag Size (L)20-160(W)15-100mm
    Sealing Type 3 or 4 side sealing
    Power 1180w
    Total Power 380v/50HZ 220V/50-60HZ
    Packing Material Paper/the polyethylene,nylon/polyethylene,tea filter paper,etc
    Net Weight 250kg
    Overall Dimensions (L)800*(W)800*(H)1900

This sachet packing machine is widely used to pack liquid of food, cosmetic and chemical industries, such as honey, ketchup, shampoo, lotion, etc.This machine can automatically complete the steps of bag forming, measuring, product filling, sealing, date code printing, cutting. 

Key Benefits :

No Film No Filling、Filling Error at +/-2%、Equipped with piston pump, pneumatic pump and electronic pump according to the different viscosity of the liquid、Straight line easy tearing & emboss code as Free Options、Low noise, Clear sealing texture, Well sealing.

Pouch bag Liquid Filling Machine 

  • Bag type
    Stand-up pouch, slanted mouth stand-up pouch, flat pouch (three-side seal, four-side seal, tote bag, back seal bag, etc.)
    Bag size
    W:100-210mm L:100-350mm
    Maximum filling range
    Filling accuracy


    10-60 bag/min
    380v 3 phase 50HZ/60HZ
    Compressed air
    0.6m ³/min

This premade pouch filling machine is suitable for automatic metering and bagging of liquid in food, chemical and cosmetic industries, mainly for the filling of laundry detergent.This machine can also be used for powder and granule filling when matched with different measuring devices (such as combination scales, screw scales, etc.).

Key Benefits:    

No Bag No Fill ing Filling Error at +/- 0.5~1%、 Equipped with plexiglass safety door to protect operatorsAdopt oil-free vacuum pump to avoid pollution of production environmentEasy to operate, frequency conversion speed control, easy to adjust the bag width .