Food filling machine (Selected)
Food filling machine (Selected)
Welcome to our Food products filling sealing machine selected page.

Here you can find out our machine for food packaging, such as sauces, oil, pastes, powder and granules. As current market packaging, our filling machine can also full fill your requirement on pack in bottles, jars, bags,

All you have to do is just email us with your package picture a requirement on the machine, we will reply you soonest for more discussion.

Chili sauce filling machine

3000BPH(Base on 350ml) 200ml-1000ml
2.8kw/480 V
Olive oil filling machine

≤1800 Bph basis on 1000ml bottle 50-1000ml 3kw
Coffee powder bag packing machine

40-80 bags/min 65-90mm(width)*100-220mm(height)
4.5 kw
Sugar salt bag filling sealing machine

10 to 60 bag/min W:100-210mm L:100-350mm
Yogurt filling machine

600-800 pcs/hour 200-1000ml 2KW
Space food tube filling machine

50-60 tpm 3-20ml,15-75ml, 75-250ml
Soy milk bag filling capping machine

3000 BPH 250-2000ml 4KW

Chili sauce filling machine
This MIC-ZF12 Automatic Bottle Filling Machine adopts serve ball-screw system to drive the piston cylinder.
The machine adopts PLC control, according to the filling bottle, fixed discharging mouth, the rest all operation can be finished on a touch screen. In addition to have common automatic servo piston filling machine advantages, also the widened the range of filling material. Such as filling material contains particles, long strips of solid content, also can be a very effective filling.

Olive oil filling machine
This machine filling system is made for cosmetics package food bottle medical products and chemical products, easy clean and changes, we have automatic piston opening for cleaning. it is a practical machine for production and clean, 24 hours runs none stops, hardly have machine break down once well adjusted.
Machine filling accuracy max is at 1%, from 100ML-1000ML, 1L-5L volume, and it is piston filling controlled by servo motor.

Coffee powder bag packing machine
The fully automatic horizontal bagging machine includes film placement, bag formation, bag bottom sealing, vertical sealing, cutting, bag opening filling, bag transfer, top bag sealing and the like. Through the motor, drive the cam on the main shaft to complete the coordinated action of each mechanism, and the encoder in the spindle feedback position signal, under the programmable control of the PLC, performs the film roll → bag formation → bag manufacturing → filling → sealing → transport of the finished product The function, the final product enters the collection and counting device for bypass bags, and is packed or boxed manually. The machine has a reasonable design, a novel look and adopts a standard band seal. The filling of the filling device can perform the automatic filling of various materials such as powder, granules, suspending agent, emulsifiable oil and water agent in the machine.
Sugar salt bag filling sealing machine
This packaging machine is suitable for high-precision metering bag filling and sealing of powder materials. Put some bags in the bag and pass the vacuum
The suction cup takes the bag on the bag, and the main turntable grips the bag and enters the coding station (standard: ribbon coding, optional hot-to-hard coding, coding); the code is completed and enters the vacuum bag opening station. The bag is sucked open by the suction cup vacuum, and is assisted by blowing air. The bag is opened to enter the rough filling station. 
Yogurt filling machine
This MIC-V01 automatic small glass filling machine adopts a piston cylinder to fill the material in the glasses. It is widely used in the food, chemical, medical, cosmetic, agrochemical industry, applicable for filling liquids, especially for high viscosity materials and sparkling liquids, such as: yogurt, sauce, jam, soy sauce, tomato sauce, honey , butter, lubricating oil, etc. The machine adopts PLC control, according to the filling cup, the fixed discharge mouth, the rest of all operations can be completed on a touch screen. In addition to having common advantages in the automatic piston filling machine, the range of filling material was also expanded. Just as filler material contains particles, long strips of solid content can also be a very effective filler.
Space food tube filling machine
This MIC-L60-I AUTO ALUMINUM TUBE FILLING & SEALING MACHINE WITH MATERIAL PRESSING MACHINE is pneumatic controlled, with 1 filling head and a drum press. It has total 12 positions and it feeds the tube into a rotary indexing table, orients the tube then fills and seals with either heat seal and trim, or fold and crimp for metal tubes. Suitable for a wide range of applications, tube filling and sealing equipment can fill creams, lotions, food products, pharmaceuticals, greases, gels, glues, pastes, and even, on occasion, powders. All of our automatic tube filling and sealing machines include automatic tube loading, orientation, filling, sealing, and coding for plastic or metal tubes with speed ranges from 30 to 80 tubes per minute.
Soy milk bag filling capping machine
This machine is mainly designed for packing plastic bags with suction nozzles. It is suitable for filling and screwing caps of water agents and viscous materials. PLC programmable control, with touch screen man-machine interface system, automatic filling, automatic capping. Servo motor drive, double screw drive, control the movement of piston rod to ensure the stability of filling, higher filling accuracy, optical, mechanical, electrical, gas in one. The utility model is an integrated filling and capping machine with convenient operation. It has stable and reliable operation, high production efficiency and strong adaptability.